Danielle Melissovas ThompsonDanielle Melissovas Thompson | Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Danielle is a filmmaker-entrepreneur, who loves to explore new possibilities in film funding, production, distribution, and promotion.   Her education includes degrees in English and Directing, and a degree in Film Aesthetics from Oxford.  Coming up with script ideas and figuring out production logistics are two of her favorite things. | Twitter @gomakefilms


IMAG0621 (4)JJ Appiah | Contributing Writer

JJ received his BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Roehampton University. He is an entrepreneur, blogger, freelance writer and aspiring filmmaker. JJ hopes to use
his talents to build a successful business for himself and to encourage others to do the same. His current projects include a television series, a fantasy video game, and a short story series for kids. | Twitter @5freelancing


Adam BovaAdam Bova | Contributing Writer

Adam Bova, MFA, has worked in film for the past 7 years and has a special interest in online video distribution. He has worked on and coded websites for a number of years. Adam has 5 years of industry experience having worked for a church in Norfolk, Va, as Director of Digital Media, at Regent University, and in his own company, AR Media. | Twitter @armediapro


Michael Hammond | Contributing Writer


Blog PicRebekah Martin | Contributing Writer

Rebekah Martin is a graduate of Stephens College with a BFA in Creative Writing, with minors in Music and Film. She’s a blogger and wannabe author at The Modern Jane Austen who is obsessed with film, both old and new (okay, mostly old). She’s interested in finding new ways to tell classic stories or new stories told in classic ways. She’s currently working on several Chick Lit novels and might be a bit too obsessed with grim fairy tales. | Facebook | Twitter @martinbeks |

Instagram @martinbeks | Google+


Chelsea Nettleton |  Contributing Writer


Heather Snyder writerHeather J. Snyder | Contributing Writer

Heather is a writer at heart.  She received her Masters in English from Liberty University, and her Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from Columbus State University.  While at CSU, she had the honor of studying the life and works of C.S. Lewis in Oxford, England, while developing her skills in travel writing.  At present, she is working on her first novel. | Instagram @hjsnyder28  |  Twitter @hjsnyder28

Nathan Tillett | Contributing Writer

Nathan Tillett, is a VFX artist / Editor and a lover of cartoons. He holds an MFA degree in Computer Animation/Visual Effects, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Animation from Regent University. Nathan hopes that one day is work will inspire others to do amazing things.  | Twitter @nathantillett

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