DIY Film School

I thought I’d take a minute to share some great online resources for film and video professionals.  Whether or not you went to film school, it’s always a good idea to keep learning so you can keep your skills sharp and up-to-date.  Technology changes so fast – just yesterday Adobe announced its latest updates – and they sound pretty sweet – literally!  In the changing landscape of digital video and filmmaking, it doesn’t cost a lot (or anything) to invest in your own continuing education and career opportunities.

A great all-around resource for industry updates, filmmaking tips, and information is No Film School, and also the Film Riot YouTube channel.  For post-production tutorials and training, there’s Video Copilot, Adobe TV, and Creative Cow.  Creative Cow also has a job board.

For on-set insight, there’s The Black and Blue, which is geared primarily towards camera crew, and Anonymous Production Assistant, geared towards – you guessed it – production assistants.  That one also has a job board.

If you’re willing to pay for training, there’s  I’ve had the opportunity to take some Lynda courses through my job, and they are really great.

The thing we’re all after is jobs, and if you’re a freelancer, you’re always looking for the next gig.  My favorite production job site is, which is free to search and submit for jobs, or you can do a paid plan which gives you more features.  I have the “Speed Plan” which allows you to write cover letters, set up work alerts, and access more job listings, and I think it’s worth the $9 a month.

A few other production job sites are and Production Hub, though I haven’t used these personally to apply for gigs.

Then let’s not forget about your state’s film office or film hotline.  For gig opportunities and training events, I keep tabs on the Virginia Film Hotline and the Georgia Film Hotline.  You can even sign up for emails from your film office’s listserve.

The debate rages on about whether or not it’s worth it to go to film school, whether for the practical training, the industry connections, or to develop your artistry.  I personally found it worthwhile, but that’s not to say you can’t find a multitude of resources and training outside of school, on your own, and for free.  I’m all about free.

Share the love by commenting below with YOUR favorite filmmaking resources!

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