Does Video Really Work?

During the month of July AR Media has been sharing different articles about the numbers behind using videos in online marketing campaigns. These articles have pointed out the dramatic increase in email click through rates when there is a video attached. They have talked about how videos will rank higher with SEO (search engine optimization). They have shown the better ROI (return on investment) that videos can have over other social media posts.

In addition these articles have made a case over and over and over again about why it is so important for businesses, non-profit organizations, or anyone wanting to share a message to use video. If you are not currently using video you are being left behind. Left behind in reaching new clients. Left behind in retaining clients. Left behind in educating clients about your business, services, and products. Video is rapidly becoming the standard method of communication by businesses wanting to market and advertise successfully on the internet – be it a video on their site or a video social media campaign.


For the last month AR Media has been posting one article or video a day.


This graph shows just a two week section of the reach for the daily posts for the AR Media Facebook page. Now we are still new to our Facebook campaign and only have 234 likes on our page. But I want you to notice something and you can go prove this yourself.  Go look at our posts for the 16th and the 23rd of July. Go on. You will notice they are both VIDEOS! When we posted a video we have 2,3,4,5 times the interaction that we normally have on a post! This is us a small business using social media to get our message out there. And when we posted a video we had a huge spike in interest. I would also like to point out that these are organic numbers; we have not paid for any advertising boost on Facebook.

We are doing what we preach.

We are using videos and we are seeing results. We use videos in all our monthly newsletters which you can see for yourself if you sign up for the newsletters here. (We also offer discounts and coupons via our newsletters.) We see very high open rates on all our newsletters.

Sorry to sound like a broken record but it works. Using video can increase your organic social media marketing and your email click through rates.

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