The Significance of a Song

All my life I have been inspired by songs, because they seem to touch on a particular area in my life at the right time. I’m not sure how that works, but the only credit I can give that to is the Lord. He always brings an amazing song to me when I need it, because He knows that music is one way I can learn more about Him and His blessings.

Growing up I played the piano, and then finally I was able to pursue my dream of learning to play the violin. My knowledge of music, that I gained from playing the piano, gave me the proper tools I needed to be better acquainted with the violin. Just like the lessons I have learned from various songs through the years, prior experience with music made going forward easier.

Years ago, I found myself dealing with an adult problem when I was only a child myself. I was fighting a serious illness that usually only touches the adult world. Yet, here I was in this incredible amount of pain and fear trying to figure out what to do next, not realizing that in those moments the Lord already knew what was ahead. I was trying to understand why this was happening to me, and at the same time trying to use what little strength I had to go forward. Then it happened—a song.

There was a particular song that reached out to me and moved my heart in a way I had never known before. The song was “Sacred Hideaway” by 4Him. The group was new to me and so was their music. Amazingly, the words in these verses helped me get through one of the toughest periods in my life. The comfort I gained from this song gave me further means to deal with what lay ahead in my life.

I’m sure the artists who penned “Sacred Hideaway” never knew the power that their words had. Yet their words meant everything to me during that time in my life. Words do matter, and they can either edify or destroy someone. I heard someone recently remark that the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is completely untrue, because words can hurt.

This is why it is imperative that we as artists choose our words carefully, and this thought holds true to any artistic endeavor. The music one writes or the stories one records can make such a difference in another person’s life. This is a difference that many of us may never see, but even so, it is still important that we give our heart to our art. I’m sure 4Him did not always see the change their songs were making in people’s lives, but it was happening. The transformation in art is not always seen, but it doesn’t mean it is not there. Reflecting on this one idea helps me as a writer. Sometimes I feel like I am writing to the computer, but I have to remember that one day my stories will help someone. And that is my main goal and hope as a writer!

3 thoughts on “The Significance of a Song

  1. Beautiful post!

    I had no idea you play violin and piano! How fun we have those things in common! Though I haven’t picked up my violin for some time with writing projects so thick right now. Hope to again soon.

    Thank you for this reminder that God is always working for us, whether we can see it or not. Progress isn’t always visible to the human eye. Something I need to remember often.


  2. I am enjoying your blogs so much, and your writings are so eloquent. Heather, you truly have the talent to write, and I was so thrilled to learn that you are writing a book. Many years ago I felt I wanted to write a book, but I don’t believe it was meant to be. God has gifted you with the ability to sing, play the piano, and the violin. And I can honestly say that all of these instruments that you have played have reflected a musician’s heart within you, and with God’s grace you are using these gifts to bring you joy and encouragement, through prayer, in song whenever you have a need for comfort, enlightenment, encouragement, and joy. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Hopefully you can share with me what you are writing about in your book. I do love you and miss you.


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