The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is filled with many wonderful activities, such as listening to joyous music, drinking hot cocoa by the fire, baking sugar cookies and gingerbread men, and most importantly spending time with family and friends. The month of December gives us time to really reflect on what is important in our lives while being able to reconnect with those we love.

Unfortunately, December also brings great stress for many people. We struggle with what presents to give each other, worry about end of the year work deadlines, and wonder how we are going to make it to another Christmas program in light of our holiday to-do list. After all of this hustle and bustle, December has ended and you really never stopped to take a moment to enjoy any of it. So why do we put ourselves through such a mess? I really think it is time to relieve some of the everyday Christmas pressures.

Remember, Christmas is about love. So take the time to relax and remember the love that was given to each of us on Christmas day and consider the true meaning of Christmas.

Today I took a moment to watch some of the Christmas cartoons I saw as a child: Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas, and of course A Charlie Brown Christmas. Each story was so simple, yet all of them held such a lovely meaning about pausing to consider what Christmas really is. Alvin gives his beloved harmonica to a sick little boy. Charlie Brown discovers that he can be happy at Christmas time, and after much turmoil, Scrooge learns what Christmas is all about.  If the focus is not on us, but on the One we should be celebrating, then December will be a much more enjoyable time for each of us.

I am sure you know by now how much music influences me. Music is my first love in the artistic world, and I heard an amazing song today by Laura Story. It is called Just Another Christmas, and here are the words to the chorus:

God, I want to feel the wonder
Of heaven touching earth
Hear a thousand angels sing our God is here
Don’t let there be
A moment I miss
Don’t let this be
Just another Christmas this year

The lines to this song are such a beautiful reminder to cherish the season. For myself, I want to see the beauty of this time, and I do not want to miss a moment. I hope to feel the wonder and magic of this holiday like I did when I was a little girl on Christmas morning.

So take some time this month to cherish the days spent with family and friends. Perhaps even reminisce over your childhood holiday times and pass them on to the next generation. Remember what this season is all about and then go and share the love that you were so beautifully given.


One thought on “The Meaning of Christmas

  1. I love this post so much! Just last week I was listening to Laura Story’s Christmas songs and heard Just Another Christmas, and thought–I want that to be my Christmas theme this year. Don’t miss a moment and cherish all the time together, making memories at every chance. Then I came down with a cold, lol! So I feel I’ve missed a little bit, but I’m trying to get well soon so I can make this Christmas as warm and enchanting as possible for my family.


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