Second Chances

February is the month of hearts, flowers, and everything pink, because it is time to recall all those warm, fuzzy moments. Yet this celebration of love connects to every part of life—not just the guy or girl we have a crush on. Therefore, Valentine’s Day should be a remembrance day instead. We need to remember all the people who have touched our life and have loved us through the years. These are the individuals who have stuck by our side and have helped us grow into a better version of ourselves.

Second chances have been on my mind this month, and of course this thought means something different for everyone. It might mean forgiveness—a chance to make amends for something we have done wrong. It could be the opportunity to meet a friend—someone you have had to cancel on several times throughout the last several months. It could also be as simple as realizing the love that is given to you time after time from your family and friends. Each and every day is a second chance at life. Consider what Anne Shirley said in Anne of Green Gables, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” So take tomorrow and look at it in a different light. Tomorrow is your opportunity at a second chance—a chance to make the day better than the one before.

Recently, I have been very adamant about updating my Instagram on a regular basis. In doing so, I have started following more people and different companies. It is quite interesting to see all the various pictures that people post—some a bit odd, some a bit cute, and some a bit funny. Some of the cutest posts I have seen recently are from @puppyofday. They have posted the sweetest pictures and videos of dogs doing the craziest things. There is a corgi eating ice-cream, a golden retriever eating watermelon, and another puppy playing in his water bowl. Watching these videos is nothing big, but these short clips bring such a smile and those few seconds can be the cure to a stressful day.

You may wonder how Instagram pictures connect to second chances. Well, sometimes a second chance is taking the time to see your day differently. How many times do you get frustrated throughout your day? How many times do you let your circumstances pull you down? Watching one of these clips reminds me to be happy, and that there are other people in the world who are there to encourage me. Likewise, I need to be the same for them—an encourager. Looking outside of myself promotes this idea of second chances. Everyday is a new start that brings the ability to begin again, help a friend out, or simply remember all the grace that has been given to me. A second change brings hope for the future.

As Danny Gokey says in his song “Hope in Front of Me”, we still have hope. Even in the tough times, there can be a second chance. Each person faces so many trials in this life, but it is so wonderful to know that hope and second chances can be attained. Knowing this is what makes life bearable and livable. No matter what your past holds—you can have a second chance today. So go and grab hold of it!

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