A Weekly Column

Film & the Maker is a weekly column by someone (me) who knows what it’s like to be an aspiring filmmaker.  As we work towards our dreams of being directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, production designers, writers, or anything else, we have to continually build our skills and create opportunities.

My mission is to show other filmmakers how to create like artists and think like entrepreneurs.

Peripheral Skills

Unfortunately, we can’t always make a full-time living making movies.   Filmmakers are multi-talented people.  Making a film requires many different types of creativity and technical abilities.  Today’s tip is how you can identify and monetize your “peripheral skills” to make extra money on the side, or to help make money in between film projects.

If you have mad skills as a screenwriter, you can do other types of writing, such as content marketing or copy writing/editing.

If you can edit films like a wiz kid, you can edit wedding videos or marketing videos.

If you are skilled in motion graphics or animation, give print and web graphic design a try.

If you are a gifted cinematographer, you probably have a good eye for photography.  You can do photo sessions for weddings or families.

If you are knowledgeable about your craft, you can create a course online or teach at a continuing education center.

Freelancing Outside the Film World

Think about the artistic things you excel at and see how those skills can be used outside the film world.  Try platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and LinkedIn Profinder to match your skills with clients who need them.  You may not be making a blockbuster hit, but you are solidifying your financial base so that you can pursue the projects you love most.


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