Flashback to the 90’s

So this post is for all the ‘90’s kids out there.  Admit it—you were a ‘90’s child like me. You remember the Airwalk sneakers that were worn by the guy you liked in middle school, and you consistently listened to the radio for your favorite song to come on, since there was no computer to look it up—Google and Youtube did not exist in your world yet.  In fact, you did not even own a cell phone, because there was still a phone hanging on your kitchen wall.

All these memories seem a bit archaic now, but honestly, I am so happy to add the fact of growing up during the 1990’s to my resume.  There were so many wonderful moments shared with friends, and so many fashion trends I would like to forget.  Remember the film Clueless?  Raise your hand if you had Cher’s backpack purse that you carried on a daily basis, and that you successfully learned how to add the word whatever to your vocabulary.  It was the awesome ‘90’s, right?!

My notebooks were covered with Lisa Frank stickers, and I could not wait to watch TGIF on Friday nights.  The shows Full House, Boy Meets World, and Home Improvement were never missed—mostly because I could not wait to see JTT on TV.  Yes, I said JTT—most girls were in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas—don’t forget Andrew Keegan too.  These heartthrobs covered the pages of Teen Beat and Bop magazines, which I may or may not have read.  Let’s face it, the ‘90’s was a truly magical time and a great decade to grow up in.

Slumber parties were in style, and you always told your best friend about the guy you liked that week.  Unfortunately, that usually ended with an embarrassing story to tell years down the road, because your best friend told the guy.  As if!!  Of course, you made up by swapping scrunchies and slap bracelets.

And don’t forget Hello Kitty—there were numerous trips taken to the Sanrio store, because you begged your mom to take you and your friends there, which was followed by a trip to the candy store at the mall.  This is where you discovered Jelly Belly popcorn jelly beans, and where you spent way too much money buying 15 jelly beans, 4 Now and Laters, and 2 pieces of gum—ah, the good old days.

The music was great too.  Remember Hanson and their beloved “MMMBop” song—of course you do—and I know you were singing along with them at the top of your lungs.  I also got up early on Saturday mornings to watch Saved by the Bell and the cute Zach Morris.  It was a great era and an era I was definitely influenced by—artistically I draw from my own experiences and the people I knew during that time.  For nostalgia purposes, it was the decade I became myself in, because it was a time where I learned so much.  There were so many individuals and events that helped make me the person I am today.

From our Japanese homestay students, to the boys I liked, the friends I had, and the people who cared for me when I needed them the most, all of these memories and moments helped me to grow up during this amazing decade.  Even now, I still look back over these times as I put pen to paper.  Sometimes it is good to go back and look at the person you were years ago—in order to see how far you have come—but also to see who you were before life got in the way.  It is nice to think back over simpler times when your favorite movie was Tom and Huck and you had just read Little Women for the very first time.  Beginnings are precious for everyone.

What decade did you grow up in?  What memories do you cherish from that time?  I challenge you to take a step back to look at the person you once were, because you might remember or learn something about yourself that can help you in life today.  What experiences molded you into the person you are now?  What events do you wish you could relive?  Relish the good and learn from the tough times as you continue to grow remembering it can be good to take a trip down memory lane.  Especially when I can listen to “MMMBop” again.

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