2 Corinthians 9:7

“So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.”

When I was considering the word generosity this month, it made me think of Charles Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol.  After all, that is what the three spirits wanted Scrooge to change about his world–they wanted him to establish a mode of generosity in his daily life.  A selfish heart did nothing to satisfy his soul.  It only led to Scrooge walking alone in life, which in time escorted him to a miserable existence.  Even though he believed he had obtained all he desired, his piles of money could not buy him happiness.  Once Scrooge chose to embrace a new life of selflessness, he started gaining a sense of contentment that was never before experienced.  After the errors of his choices were made clear to him, he saw how incredible life could be.

Generosity could also be synonymous with the word mercy.  How many times have others been merciful to you?  I remember a time in college when I failed a paper in an upper-level English course.  As an English major, it was an assignment I should have passed, yet instead of my professor giving me a bad mark, he decided to give me another chance.  I used that second attempt to work even harder, and I passed with an even better grade than I thought I would receive.  This one act taught me so much, because it showed me how important it is to show mercy to others.  My professor did not have to help me, but he chose to be a teacher.  He chose to show grace.

Certain moments prove difficult to give grace.  Especially when people irritate us or we determine certain individuals are not the type of people we want to be around.  Yet, Jesus commands us to love one another (Matthew 22:37-39).  Actions speak louder than words; however, putting this command into practice can be very trying at times.  It is wonderful to know that the Lord is there to help us carry out what we need to do.  Even if those around us are not kind, we should still love them like Jesus would.  Christ’s strength in us makes this possible.  After all, Jesus is the number one example in showing mankind grace and mercy.

How can you display generosity today?  Is there someone in your life you have ignored as of late?  Do you need to go to them–pray with them, minister to them, give them a helping hand?  Let us take the time today to remember this very important principle of giving found in the book of Corinthians, so that we can bestow the grace we so desire in our own lives.  God bless!

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